The Beginning

Just Kidding opened in 1987 as a boutique specializing in high-quality and unique children's clothing. We quickly filled a niche for people who wanted exceptionally well-made clothes in styles that you could not find at most retail stores. From darling party dresses for girls, adorable suits and casual wear for boys, and luxurious layettes, we offered truly special clothing for all children for all occasions.

As time went on, many of customers expressed a desire to have their children's hair styled as special as their clothes, because many children wore our clothes for individual and family portraits. Customers explained that the adult salons didn't want to cut children's hair, or if they did, it was often an expensive, and difficult, proposition. One customer told us her daughter was afraid to have her hair cut and began to cry--the salon promptly asked them to leave.

Thus, an idea began to form. Maybe we could carve out an area in our boutique and provide a salon just for children. Maybe we could make it a fun experience instead of frightening, and make the children feel special instead of a burden. To test this idea, we rearranged our store space, acquired a hairstyling chair, and began to cut children's hair right there in our boutique.

A Salon is Born
The response was amazing. Customers loved the concept and we decided to expand the salon. Now, 27 years later, with the advent of the Internet and the changing business environment, we’ve forgone the clothing boutique and replaced it with a full-service salon, toy boutique, and the largest selection of hair accessories in the area.

As a mother-and-son team, John and I are uniquely qualified to know what works for children and their caregivers. To create an environment where little ones are not only accepted but welcomed, we have a play table where children can play with favorite toys and games while waiting for their haircut. Our styling chairs are in the shapes of cars and jeeps and we have televisions at every station so the kids can watch their favorite cartoon while our gentle stylists cut their hair.

We also have two medium-size chairs for the six-to-teen crowd. And we have an adult chair for Mom and Dad to get their haircut while they're here, or for the little ones who just need to sit on Mom's lap while our patient stylists cut their hair.

Exceptional Staff
Most importantly, we employ five highly experienced stylists who truly care about our little clients. Whether your girl wants ribbons and sparkles in her hair, or your boy wants a spikey 'do, each stylist knows how to make your child's styling experience comfortable, fun, and special.

Making a Difference
John and I are continually amazed and touched by the emotions and gratitude we receive from our little clients and their parents. Parents often tell us how Just Kidding Kids Cuts has made their lives easier--what was once a difficult task has now become an experience that the kids often ask for and look forward to. So many children have a hard time with haircuts and it is wonderful to know that we have made a difference. We love to watch our tender staff work their magic on the kids and it makes our hearts swell with pride and joy.

Thank You
Thanks to all the Just Kidding Kids out there, and thanks to our wonderful staff who made our journey so incredible and fulfilling.

Lynn Hollowell and John Lambrecht II

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