Celebrate your birthday or special occasion!

Glamour Parties
Just Kidding offers Glamour Parties, so you can celebrate your special day in style!  Guests will receive a “glamour” hair style, with a tiara for the guest of honor, mini manicures and glitter make-up.  Then have fun dressing up in our fun selection of dress up clothes, jewelry and lots of accessories.  Goodie bags will be provided for each guest.  6 guest minimum - $25.00 per child.

Tea Parties
Now that you and your guests are made up, you may sit down to an elegant Victorian table set with linen, china, and silver.  The menu will include seasonal fruit, mini deserts, silver dishes filled with candies and finger sandwiches of peanut butter & jelly or ham and cheese.  Beverages to choose from include milk or juice.  Goodie Bags will be provided for each guest.  6 guest minimum to 14 guest maximum - $40.00 per child.

Spa Parties
You and your guests may put on bathrobes relax and let us pamper you with a soothing blend of music and the sounds of the ocean surf. We will then have facials which include a wash, tone and cucumber mask followed by moisturizer and each guest will receive a manicure. Now that you are relaxed sit down and let us treat you to fun sandwiches cut into flowers, hearts and butterflies. Lunch will also include seasonal fruit, carrots and celery with ranch and peanut butter for dipping, pretzels and a bottle of water. Price is $40 per child.

Rock Star Parties
You and your celebrity guests will be treated to fun hairstyles, mini manicures, glitter make-up, dress up clothes, jewelry and lots of accessories.  After you and your celebrity guests are dressed up like your favorite cast members, grab your microphone or headset, walk the star carpet, sing, and dance along to CDs and DVDs.  Goodie Bags will be provided for each guest.  6 guests minimum - $25.00 per child.

Parties will be held for approximately 1 to 2/12 hours on Sunday any time between 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Call 414-962-2524 for more information.


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