Our unique approach to children's hairstyling was inspired by a need for children to have their own "place" to come, and to enjoy the experience of having a haircut. We want Mom and Dad to enjoy it too! The following are some answers to questions you may have about your child's hair:

What is a good haircut?
Skilled shaping rather than merely barbershop short! With a good shaping, stringiness and fly away ends are minimized or even eliminated. The hair is light, bouncy, full, and healthy. And best of all, wash and wear! Most children's hairstyles (even smooth ones) need shaping, or subtle layering to avoid the flat, bathing cap look.

What is the best age for a first cut?
The average age is around 12 months. Remember that a good shaping or trimming of baby hair will mean less matting and snarls, and a more fuller look.

What if my child won't sit still?
Please don't be too concerned. Many children won't! Most will do very well given JUST KIDDING'S friendly surroundings. We are experienced and well-trained to handle almost any situation.

Additional pointers:
Tend to children's needs before hauling them to the salon. So make sure your child has been properly fed (lay off the sugar until after the haircut), rested and relieved (for potty breaks) beforehand.
Be excited, but don't overwhelm. How would you like 20 to 30 people gathered in a small space to watch YOU get a haircut? Be prepared to cooperate. Sure you're paying others to perform professional services, but you may be called on to gently restrain your child or stand back a bit to help speed along the process.
Practice beforehand. Get your child used to the sound of a blow dryer or clipper before the first blare in the styling chair.
Pack away a few surprises. Having a familiar bear, book or bottle might sooth a squirmy child. Also consider bringing along a few non-sugared snacks.
Be an optimist. Stylists say parents often say things like "now, that doesn't hurt, does it?" when the child may have not even thought of being fearful or in pain before.
Be positive, upbeat, and if your're unsure of what to say, offer lots of smiles.

DID YOU KNOW . . . . .?
. . . . BOY'S HAIRCUTS require more shaping, layering, and precision than most girls‚ haircuts? Subtlety is important since layering is not always visible. We layer hair to give it a full, healthy look. There are many different ways of layering hair. Several are usually incorporated into one cut to give a truly custom cut.

. . . . BANGS can make the difference. Bangs should normally form a subtle arc, and not be cut blunt or straight across. We gently feather the ends (depending on the texture) to avoid a harsh "Buster Brown" look, and to achieve a soft frame.

. . . . LONG HAIR can be beautiful. But it must be properly cared for to accentuate the natural beauty. It shouldn't be left to grow like a wild meadow. Ends should always be even, never straggly or stringy. Brush! Brush twice daily from scalp to ends to move the natural oils (the BEST conditioner) down the hair shaft. This will promote strength, shine, and stimulate growth and circulation. Always use natural bristles and never brush wet hair.

. . . . TANGLES are a result of damaged hair. Try this: Gently bring a wide tooth comb through the hair while it's wet, after conditioning or after applying a spray-on detangler. We recommend Fairy Tales or Paul Mitchell. Both are used on wet or dry hair. They work miracles on tangles, and act as a lusterizer when blow-drying.

Appointments are suggested, although we'll give a consultation anytime. Feel free to call one of our stylists for advice.

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